Any time you see a blue button like this:

Clicking it will take you to Your Digital Movie to complete the purchase.


Your Digital Movie’s goal is to simplify the code buying process while addressing the disclaimer added to Movies Anywhere, Redeem Digital Movies, and other redemption sites. We’ve streamlined the process by incorporating the following features:

  • No Passwords Needed – You don’t have to create an account in order to make a purchase — unless you want to.
  • No Waiting for Emails – Your codes will be INSTANTLY available on screen after the payment is processed.
  • No Hassle – We’ve worked hard to make things easy with faster checkouts, so that you can enjoy your purchase sooner.

Learn more here:


The technology being used for Cheap UV Codes has gotten old and can no longer be updated. The site has gotten slow and it’s a pain for users to log in and update passwords and to make purchases. Emails sometimes get lost or delivered to spam.


The current language on most of the redemption sites state that “by redeeming one of these codes, you are representing that you, or a member of your family, obtained the code in an original disc + code package and the code was not purchased separately.”

In an effort to protect both the buyer and the seller, we state the following on the new site: We are NOT selling the digital code separately. You are buying the entire Blu-Ray (or DVD) and we are sending you the code INSTANTLY. We will dispose of the physical copy or send it to you for a shipping and handling fee (see details upon checkout).

This is all true and we are happy to send you the physical copy (if requested within 7 days of purchase). We do charge a shipping and handling fee (current rates are shown during checkout).